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Loud rock band X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus (XMAS)


Loud rock band X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus (XMAS) was founded by the band’s guitarist CHARLIE and his friends back in 2013 in Yokohama. Vocal and bassist KEI, second guitarist MASAYA and yu-ta on drums quickly decided to play together. The members knew each other for years, as they played together in several bands (MASAYA and yu-ta were together in STAB, CHARLIE played with STUD and KEI is currently also the vocal of SAMEGANI) and performed in many events and festivals before finally creating XMAS. The 4 “Alcoholic Santaclauses” want their music to bring something special and joyful to the lives of people all over the world. Besides musical activities, XMAS are also involved with several other projects, like CHARLIE’s own project “KAKEJIKU” and a collaboration with the Japanese fashion brand “KUSTOMSTYLE”.
X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus released their first self-titled EP in December 2014. It contains the four songs “アリバダ” (Aribada), “Five”, “Fighters” and “ZODIAC”, which can all be found on their Youtube account. “アリバダ” was also chosen for their first PV, published on February 16, 2015.
Not long after, already on August 28, 2015, XMAS came up with another release: The album “Nouveau départ” was created especially for an important milestone of the band’s career: Their first EU tour. The CD contains seven tracks and one remix of their song “ZODIAC”, for the second track “Throw away tonight” the band created their second PV.
To commemorate this release, X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus celebrated a loud rocking early Christmas season from late August until the middle of September 2015 in Europe. Touring the first time abroad, XMAS put extra effort in showing their fans in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France how they know to rock and carry their audience. Everyone who went to their shows was thrilled by the band – so it’s high time for you to check them out! The tour is still on right now, so check this page for all dates and ticket links! On that note: Merry Christmas!!


The members of X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus (XMAS) describe their sound as “Loud Heavy Rock n’Roll”. Though their heavy melodies can be dark and violent one time, XMAS still manage to stay melodic and disversified. KEI on vocals is often backed up by all band members during the chorus, adding a lot more power to their songs. yu-ta on drums gives a strong beat, driving the songs forward and making you headbang before you know it. Being pro’s on their instruments, guitarists CHARLIE and MASAYA add fast riffs as well as a really rocking framework to the sound of XMAS. Especially KEI unites many high qualities: Besides being XMAS’ charismatic vocal – being able to sing clearly, shout and scream vigorously –, he provides some interesting bass lines and has an absorbing presence on stage. Their concerts are wild and fans end up calling for more and more, banging their heads to the rhythm of the four Santaclauses, singing and shouting along with the band. Another good reason for checking them out on stage: They sound even better live than on CD. Don’t miss them, if you have the chance to celebrate with these rocking guys.


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