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Silhouette from the Skylit (SFTS) is an emotional rock band, founded in 2007 in Fukuoka. They originally started under the name “Knights of the round” (not to be confused with the power metal band “Knights of round”), when vocal SeishiroX came back to Japan after living for some time in the US. Facing several member changes, SeishiroX was the only one left in the band in 2008, so he decided to change the name to Silhouette from the Skylit and went on working with support members. Not long after bassist Tetsurow joined him, and together SFTS recorded their first demo “Expected answer”. Drummer K.O.U joined them in 2009 as a support member and together they produced their first single “Everywhere” which was released on October 1, 2009. K.O.U then became an official member, Silhouette released their new single “CRY FOR THE MOON” (May 2010) and got the chance to show their abilities to a big audience when they played as support act at the first Japanese live of We the Kings, an American pop punk band (September 2010). It was this time when new guitarist Rockwell officially joined the band, completing the current lineup of SFTS.
October 2010 saw the release of their third single titled “HOLLOW IN THE SUN”, which was the first release Rockwell worked on, too. With this CD it was quite obvious how Rockwell added more life and variety to the songs of Silhouette, influencing their music style greatly up until now.
With moving their base from Fukuoka to Tokyo in June 2011, SFTS widened their activities more and more. Finally in December 2011, they released their first mini-album “The Great And Desperate” (CDJapan | iTunes) – going along with their first PV for “Fake and Going to Fade” – which also got them some international attention.
2012 was a very active year for the band: They played a lot of big lives and released their fourth single “SEEK MY WAY OUT” and the PV for the title song in July as well as their first full album titled “Arche” (CDJapan | iTunes) on October 3, 2012, which contained a rocking cover version of Kate Perry’s infamous “California Gurls”. From this on, things went very fast. Silhouette did a big release tour, stopping at 53 different places until their tour final in Shibuya club asia on April 24, 2013, where they played in front of 250 people. This was also the time when they joined the indies label STOIC RECORDS (which is also the label of Upset heroes! and ANOTHER STORY OF THE OTHER SIDE). Under the Red Bull Live on the Road (RBLOTR) contest 2013, SFTS played a show at Summer Sonic and were able to win this contest at the end of November 2013.
2014 was also a busy year: Starting with the release of their second mini-album “THE WORLD WILL NEVER SAVE YOU” (CDJapan | iTunes) in January as well as the PV for the title song “NEVER SAVE YOU”, on July 2 they dropped their second full album “The Reflections” (CDJapan | iTunes), which contained a re-recorded version of “Unsheated”. But there was another big step waiting for Silhouette. Since the first prize of the RBLOTR contest was a recording and video shooting in New York, USA, the band boarded the flight to America in summer 2014 and recorded their double A-side single “Blue Echo / Closer” (CDJapan | iTunes) as well as the PV for “Blue Echo”. After playing as opening act at the big Japanese festival Knotfest 2014 in November, the single was finally released in December 2014.
Also 2015 started with two big events: Silhouette from the Skylit sucessfully played their first one-man live on February 21, 2015 and came to Europe on June 6 and 7 for their very first shows outside Japan. Both lives at Nipponcon convention in Bremen, Germany, were a huge success and SFTS proved that they are at home on big stages and can blow away a Japanese as well as an international audience. High time for you to check them out!
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The sound of Silhouette from the Skylit is emotional rock – as stated by the band – but starting from this solid rock base, the band harmonically combines hard rock, alternative elements, some electronic effects and a general global sound. All their songs, whether powerful rock song or emotional ballad, have a strong harmony, dynamic guitar, varied drums and an overall upbeat feeling. Thanks to vocal SeishiroX’ time in America, the lyrics of Silhouette’s songs are in both Japanese and English, making it easy for international listeners to get into the songs and sing along on lives. You can also find one or another nice guitar solo or song line that will stick in your head. Sihouette’s style is diverse, but they have such a distinct sound that makes it easy to recognize them everywhere you hear them. Pouring a lot of passion into their works, their emotions and power will definitely reach you. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience SFTS’ emotional rock on live near you?


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