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August 2013



AMATSUKAZE is a violent emotional rock band from Nagoya, formed in August 2013. The band chose their name after a waka (Japanese poem) by high-priest Henjô, which was named AMATSUKAZE as well. After a few member changes the band now consists of vocal and guitarist Tomii as well as drummer Mon-chan.
Their first live performance they had in Nagoya as support act for Scott Murphy, who loves typical Japanese performances and did J-Pop covers himself. After that, AMATSUKAZE participated in the big rock festival “NAGO-STEP!!!” in Nagoya and continued to gather more and more fans.
Before their official first release, they published a few songs on Youtube: An anime music video (MAD movie), which contained their song “STAR SKY” as well as the two songs which were included on their first free demo CD they distributed on their live shows at this time (released on August 30, 2013): “はないちもんめ” (hana ichimonme) and “discharge” (to be honest, this song reminds me a lot on girugamesh, but in a good way).
In October 2013, they released their first EP “Discharge E.P”, followed by three months of continuous live events with bands from Nagoya and outside the prefecture. After this AMATSUKAZE broadened their live activities nation-wide, eventually resulting in an appearance on TV and other media, which – all together – made the band grow more and more. In February 2014, they made the Discharge EP available on iTunes as well, so check it out, please!
In May 2014, Satoshi, who played bass for AMATSUKAZE until then, decided to leave the band. Nontheless the band released their second EP “苛苛” (iraira) in July 2014 and – after a record release event in their home area Nagoya – they embarked on a nation-wide tour titled “苛苛リリースツアー” (iraira release tour).
Since then they are playing vigorously in Nagoya and central Japan. Like a wind of which you don’t know if or when it will stop blowing, AMATSUKAZE want to become an even stronger wind than before to shake the Japanese music scene.


The sound of AMATSUKAZE is influenced by the different roots and ideas of their members. Though Vo.&Gt. Tomii is the main componist of the songs, drummer Mon-chan also contributes to the band’s sound with his ideas and long musical experience. At first AMATSUKAZE played a mixture of alternative rock, loud rock and even reggae, but later defined their sound more by a fusion of foreign culture and traditional Japanese sounds, a powerful loud base and emotional rock. Generally speaking, you can feel a certain Japanese sound in all of AMATSUKAZE’s rocking songs, because they cherish their roots while embracing foreign influences. Vocal Tomii is singing in Japanese only, his strong and kind of husky voice combined with his strong and emotional way of singing will capture you and carry you away. With beats easy to dance and headbang to, AMATSUKAZE’s lives are something you can experience with all your senses – with the promise of a very exhausting and refreshing night at the same time. Especially their latest song “苛苛” (iraira) is a great example of AMATSUKAZE’s current style and a perfect choice if you want to get to know this band first. On a concert, this must be so much fun to dance and sing along! Wouldn’t you want to experience this yourself? Spread the word about AMATSUKAZE and the imperial wind might blow in Europe someday, too!


Vo&Gt.とみゐ (Tomii)
Dr.もんちゃん (Mon-chan)


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