Interview with Doukoku

First interview on miji-p! This time, it’s an interview with our featured artist Doukoku. Ryusuke and Fumiya took their time to answer some questions about their new album, their musical style and goals as a band as well as what it’s like to work in this unusual constellation in a band. Please enjoy!

miji-p: Please introduce yourselves to our readers with your name, your position in the band and a funny fact about the other member!

Ryusuke: We are the two brothers of the duo Doukoku. I’m the older brother Ryusuke on vocals.
Fumiya: I’m the younger brother Fumiya on guitar.
Ryusuke: But we are totally different, I’m mischievous and Fumiya is the serious one.

How does a Doukoku song come to life? Who is in charge for what?

Ryusuke: The songs are made by both me and Fumiya. Fumiya does the arrangements. But it seems it’s easier to arrange the guitar than the synths.

On March 13, 2015 you released your first album “慟哭世界” (Doukoku Sekai) on iTunes, which contains new songs and songs you published during the last four years in Japan. The album is pretty diverse concerning the musical style. Do you think you evolved and changed a lot during the last years?

Doukoku: Yes, we made our first original album “Doukoku Sekai”. We are very satisfied that people have listened to it, I also think it’s the best album for those who listen to Doukoku for the first time.
I think the width of our music has spread over the past four years. Also the quality has risen. We have widened our field of view and because of that we want to incorporate a lot in our music.

Which are your favorite tracks of the album and why?

Ryusuke: I like all the songs on the album but I’m very fond of the last song on the album, “Ai no Sukima”, because we end our live concerts with that song.

Talking about a diverse musical style, how would you describe Doukoku’s music?

Doukoku: It’s rock music that incorporates Western music while cherishing Japanese language. Our lyrics are in Japanese and all the titles are written in kanji.

Can you sum up Doukoku and its meaning in only three words?

Doukoku: Lamentation, bewitching, moment.

Since you are brothers, how is it working with each other? What is the best part, what is the worst part?

Ryusuke: Our roles as brothers are totally different. I think about business and Fumiya about the creations.
Fumiya: The worst part is that we live at the same place but still don’t meet that often.

Each artist has their influences and music he personally likes very much. Who are your favorite artists at the moment? Is there any influence on how you write and perform your songs?

Ryusuke: We have many artists that we like. I like popular music, but Fumiya prefers techno music. I think that has an impact on our lyrics and arrangements.

Ryusuke, you also have a solo project beside Doukoku, which is completely different from your band work. How does this solo work influence your work for Doukoku? Like, can you express different feelings in your solo project which you cannot express in Doukoku and vice versa?

Ryusuke: I decided to try out pop music in my solo project. I wanted to do something different from Doukoku and I wanted to show the gap between Doukoku and my solo project.

You produced some MAD movies (anime music videos) for anime like “Kuroshitsuji” and “5 centimeters per second”. Would you like to create a theme song for an anime one day? What is the special thing in anime songs for you?

Ryusuke: We love anime. I made the MAD movies to study video editing and we want to continue uploading MAD movies on our YouTube channel. We would be very happy if it was decided for us to provide the music for an anime. It’s also a dream for Doukoku to make an anime soundtrack. I think the world of “Kuroshitsuji” would sum up the world of a Doukoku song.

On March 18, 2015, you shared the stage with Hiroaki Nakashima of V.I.P/I-ai- for his acoustic show case. Do you like performing your songs and other’s songs with fellow artists? What is the best for you at those shows?

Ryusuke: It was very fun to play together with Hiroaki. We also like to play songs by other artists. It becomes a study of what you don’t have and the other artist has got. We would like to do it again when there is a chance to.

Just recently it was announced Doukoku will come to Europe for some shows! Are you excited yet? What are you looking forward to the most and did you start to prepare yourselves and the shows already?

Fumiya: We are very happy to be able to come to Europe. We are looking forward to do live shows in places where we have not been before.
Ryusuke: We are rehearsing and also practicing a little English. Because, even if only a little bit, I want us to be able to communicate. But still, we don’t understand English at all, so everyone please just follow us (laughs).

Which are the goals you absolutely want to reach with Doukoku?

Ryusuke: We have some goals. It’s to do an anime soundtrack, which was mentioned before. To perform at a large scale event and to make it to the cover of a magazine.

At the end, some fun questions: What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Ryusuke: Fumiya is the serious type so he doesn’t do things like that. I’m on the other hand am riddled with crazy things (laughs). One time Fumiya’s computer was in a bad condition, I was drunk, but still I came over to check the router only to kick it hard and fall asleep (laughs).

If you could change one thing on your brother, what would it be?

Ryusuke: I want to Fumiya to expand his views, meet many different people and get more friends.
Fumiya: I want Ryusuke to remember his lyrics more properly.

For holidays, where would you like to go and what would you do there?

Fumiya: We wanted to go to Europe. I don’t think we will have so much time to go sightseeing but we will certainly enjoy Germany and Austria.

Thank you very much for the interview! All the best for Doukoku and see you soon in Europe! Finally, please give a message to the readers.

Doukoku: We are not only the Doukoku brothers, we have received a lot of support from people up until now. We want to bring the feelings of those people with us to the shows in Europe and make you feel it. Also, we want to repay everyone’s kindness through our concerts and CD’s.

Thanks to Doukoku and our partner Nyanko Scandal Factory for making this interview possible.

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Doukoku’s first Europe Tour “Doukoku Sekai” – schedule:

  • 2015.05.29 Germany, Munich, Garage Deluxe
  • 2015.05.31 Austria, Vienna, Replugged
  • 2015.06.03 Germany, Berlin, CUBE MOA:BEAT
  • 2015.06.06 Germany, Bremen, NipponCon
  • 2015.06.07 Germany, Hamburg, MaGnology