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POP DISASTER is a pop punk/rock band founded in Osaka in 2003. The members are vocal Takayuki, guitarists Ebi and Hossy, bassist Junko and drummer Maiko, which makes POP DISASTER a mixed male and female band. Sadly, Junko had to leave the band in February 2014 – since then they are playing as a quartet.
Influenced by the Japanese world of music as well as big US bands like Paramore and New Found Glory, POP DISASTER are without doubt an outstanding bands with genuine melodies … at the same time, they are also a band, people kept wondering about, why they could not hit it big since their formation. Therefore, the band ceased activities for about a year, devoting themselves to only writing music. With the purpose to end this “praise and doubt” history and to change the view of their listeners to a positive one, they came up with a whole lot of 30 new songs after this period of time.
Acquiring a new personal hook and finally being able to change the opinion of their listeners to the better, POP DISASTER changed to the label maximum10. And because the band always had a good connection to the USA, they were able to go to America at this time, too. Together with producer Brian McTernan they recorded 18 songs, resulting in a selection of 16 tracks for their first self-titled album “POP DISASTER”, being released on November 16, 2011. It was their third album actually, but the first published on their new label maximum10.
On December 07, 2011, the band released their best album “Make A Promise / Take★Action”, which contains the two albums they released before changing to maximum10, resulting in a total of 25 tracks. Merely a year later, in October 2012, the band released their fourth album, titled “CALLING” and consisting of 14 songs.
Playing many lives, touring with label mates, producing PVs and being added to some compilations of maximum10, POP DISASTER gained more and more popularity. On February 26, 2014, the band managed to publish a double release: Their fifth full album “DIS:COVER” with 13 tracks and their first live DVD “START AGAIN”, filmed at their one-man live on November 2, 2013. Celebrating the release, POP DISASTER embarked to a tour through Japan. Time to throw the spotlight on them from Europe, too!


The sound of POP DISASTER is a mix of catchy pop tunes, rocking guitars and emotional chords and lyrics. Former member Junko on bass and drummer Maiko are mastering the high technical abilities needed for POP DISASTER’s arrangements, changing easily between smart and loud parts, while bringing in a female rhythm at the same time and adding to the individual appearance of this band. POP DISASTER manage to sound upbeat and powerful at the same time. Ebi and Hossy are playing classic riffs as well as heavy melodies on their guitars, supported by backing bass lines and the varied rhythm of the drums. Takayuki’s clear and powerful voice reminds on American pop punk bands like Blink 182, the fact that he is singing completely in English adds to this impression. Fans of Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory, Paramore and more should definitely give POP DISASTER a listen. If you have the chance, you should also visit them live – experience their power by yourself!


Vo.Takayuki Gt.Ebi Gt.Hossy Dr.Maiko
Vo.Takayuki Gt.Ebi Gt.Hossy


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