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April 2013

Nameless One


Nameless One is a Melodic Death Metal band from Kyoto. Bassist 皓 (Kou) founded the band in April 2013, and with vocal NGT, guitarists Koichang and Jaw as well as drummer YAMASHU joining, the current line-up was completed. They started genuinely in July 2013, when they uploaded their first demo “慟哭のタンザナイト” (doukoku no tanzanite). Only a month later, on August 27, they added their second demo “暁の街” (akatsuki no machi) to Soundcloud. From their live on October 7, 2013 in Kyoto MOJO on, this song was also distributed as a free demo CD on their lives.
After playing more and more lives and producing more and more music, Nameless One uploaded two songs at the same time on November 11, 2013: “反撃のカタフラクト” (hangeki no cataphract) and “アルオウスを臨みて” (aruousu wo nozomite). Those two songs were also released as Nameless One’s very first single, titled “反撃のカタフラクト” (hangeki no cataphract), in January 2014.
For July 2014, the band scheduled their first mini-album and is eager to play more powerful lives not only in Kyoto but also in the area of Tokyo.


Nameless One’s sound is epical, melodious Death Metal, which is derived from oldschool Heavy Metal. The guitars of Koichang and Jaw are piercing with fast and strong yet catchy riffs, sometimes changing in slow, balladic tunes. While NGT shouts and growls are always on an aggressive note, he still manages to sound melodious during choruses. The bass line is well represented, leader and bassist Kou masters his four strings, sometimes also adding a short solo to their songs. Overall, the fast and hard drums are pushing the songs forward, showing Yamashu’s talent on his set. The mix of all this makes you want to bang your head immediately to their fast beat. If you like heavy music and if you are a metal head in heart and mind, you will most definitely love Nameless One!


Vo.NGT Gt.Koichang Gt.Jaw Ba.Kou Dr.YAMASHU
Ba.皓 (Kou)


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