UPDATE 2014·02·23

This week there is no new band, cause there were a lot of updates of the existing profiles. Please check these bands out again, because a lot of things happened!

First, big update for KAJI! I updated their profile infos, changed all the photos for the new artist pictures, added news and links, inserted an iTunes widget, cause they released their first digital single, and also changed the embedded Youtube video from “Limit” to “Prism”. Please check out KAJI‘s profile again!

Second, guitarist Yukinari and bassist Takuya officially joined SUNLIT RAIN. Have a look at their profile again here: SUNLIT RAIN.

Third, The Winking Owl published a new PV, which I also embedded in their profile (previously, it was “Precious”, now it is “The Ocean Floor”. All infos about the band here: The Winking Owl‘s profile.

Fourth, I also added the iTunes widget to Leyline‘s profile, cause the band released their first mini-album also digitally in January 2014! Check them out here Leyline‘s profile again!

Fifth, I added two videos to ArcoBaleno.‘s profile, linked their videos and updated the information in the text. More infos about the band at ArcoBaleno.‘s profile.

Sixth, AIRFLIP published a new live PV, which I linked in the profile text. Further, after the departing of their former drummer Yuki, new drummer Ritsuya officially joined just recently. At this occassion, I also updated their artist pictures. Check the band out again here: AIRFLIP‘s profile.

Seventh, good news for Take ambulance: They joined the international indies label “GO WITH ME RECORDS”, which manages Japanese as well as Russian, Italian, German and more artists. Please check out Take ambulance‘s profile again!

Eighth and last, THE KISH DOWN released their thrid mini-album, titled “CRUSH YOUR MIND”. Please visit the band’s profile again here: THE KISH DOWN‘s profile

Thank you!

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