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My Last December


In 2009, guitarist YUSUKE moved from Okayama to Tokyo, inviting vocal TAKK, his long-time friend from the same village, to come along and form a band. Together they started looking for more members and began working on their first songs. After more than one year of looking for the right band members, bassist HAYATO, drummer SIDE-C and guitarist MASAMITSU joined in 2010 and finally My Last December was born.
In the following year, playing two or three lives a month became the basis of the band’s activities. Soon My Last December released their first EP, the first press with 250 copies was sold out soon. In September 2011, they were able to carry out their first own event, titled “ON TO THE NEXT ONE Vol.1″. While being the tour support for the band Northern19, My Last December had the opportunity to play a live in YUSUKE’s and TAKK’s hometown Okayama in November. Their next own event “ON TO THE NEXT ONE Vol.2″ in December was sold out. Also in this month, the band started to distribute their no-charge single “Never Give My Way” in live houses only. All 1000 copies were given away only five months later.
In 2012, The Last December were tour support for another band again: They joined their long time friends of Five New Old for four concerts in March and April. Also in this year, the band joined Maximum10, the indies label owned by FACT. Shortly after, they carried out the third part of their sponsored event, which was sold out again.
Next step in their career was their very first album. Starting to work on it in the middle of 2012, the band eventually released it on January 16, 2013. Titled like their no-charge single “Never Give My Way”, it contains full seven songs. If you want to trial listen this album, please visit the band’s website and start the embedded player on the left.
Finally on October 31, 2013, the band published their first PV, for which they chose their song “COLORS OF YOUR MEMORY”.


The sound of My Last December is a mix of light and darkness. Delicate, light melodies are alternating with aggressive dark parts. Their sound is defined by distinctive melodies, mosh parts, riffs suited for headbanging as well as almost upbeat verses and even electronic elements and two-step. TAKK is singing clearly in one moment, his voice being electronically distorted in the next one and he is even able to growl fiercely at the end of a chorus. The instrument parts of YUSUKE and MASAMITSU on guitars, HAYATO on bass and SIDE-C on drums are well balanced and provide a powerful, sometimes aggressive framework for TAKKS voice. Their riffs are cool, while the strong bass lines suppport all the songs, which are constantly driven forward by sometimes fast, sometimes smooth drum parts. This is definitely a band you HAVE to see live and rock with them. With their variety and still recognizable sound, My Last December will surely be a band we will hear more from in the future.




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