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June 2008



ANOTHER STORY is a loud/screamo band founded in June 2008 by vocal KeiGo, bassist K-MASA and guitarist 寛-hero-. Though they started playing lives with support drummer and guitarist in and around Tokyo in February 2009, they are stating their start as a professional band with February 2011. And they were aiming high, because only three months later they were able to hold their first overseas performance in Los Angeles, USA! This time, 300 people were there to go crazy with them, even Japanese TV stations reported about this event. With this, ANOTHER STORY gained popularity overseas already.
As soon as they returned to Japan after this, they began recording and released their first mini-album “from the bottom of the world” on July 29, 2011, which they celebrated with a furious release event.
2012 was a busy year for the band: Starting with an America tour in April, going on with guitarist yusuke’s official joining the band in June and the release of their second mini-album “Day to remember”, which was celebrated with a tour all over Japan. The tour final took place in Shibuya club asia and was a huge success.
With the same energy ANOTHER STORY went on until the end of the year, when they were able to play their first one-man live in Harajuku ASTROHALL.
With the beginning of 2013, drummer aki became an official member, too. With him the strongest and current line-up of ANOTHER STORY was completed.
At the end of August 2013, the band finally published their first PV, recorded for their song “-Underworld-“. This song is also the first track on their 2013/08/21 debut EP “Signs”, which contains seven songs and is only available at Tower Records shops. By the way: The second song on this CD, “Day to remember”, has a LIVE PV, recorded in Los Angeles. On their website, you can also listen to samples of two more songs from this EP: Dying Breed and Storyteller. ANOTHER STORY are going on with full force – this is a band you simply can’t miss!


The sound of ANOTHER STORY is powerful and absolutely fast-forward. When I first listened to them, I couldn’t help thinking of coldrain and such bands. KeiGo changes from aggressive screams to powerful singing fluently, almost singing calmly for a bridge, just to burst out with a strong chorus and adding such a force and emotion to the sound that you can’t help being carried away by it. Plus, the lyrics are completely in English and thus easy to understand for international fans. hero and yusuke know how to impress with their genuine guitar skills, driving the songs forward, rocking out with their solos, then changing without problems to supporting chords during the bridges just to explode in the next chorus again. Also K-MASA on bass and aki on drums do an amazing, energetic job, being supportive and at the same time holding their ground in every song. If you like powerful music, ANOTHER STORY are just the very thing for you!


Vo.KeiGo Gt.hero Gt.yusuke Ba.K-MASA Dr.aki


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