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AIRFLIP is a melodic core punk band founded around 2006 in Osaka. After a time full of playing lives, working on new songs, recording, member changes and some struggling, the band is playing vigorously with their current four members since 2014. These are vocal and guitarist Satoshi, guitarist Nagata, bassist Fujimo and drummer Ritsuya. After former drummer Yuki’s departing in late 2013, AIRFLIP finally found a new drummer with Ritsuya in February 2014. They are mainly active around Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and Nagoya, playing powerful lives and distributing their music. Since their formation they released three mini albums: their first demo “DREAM BOARDER” (containing the songs “DREAM BOARDER”, “OUT OF DRY” and “REMEMBER”) came out in 2010, followed by their mini-album “COLER OF MY CARD”, released in September 2012 and containing the four tracks “Ms. Black Card”, “Lost Wave”, “Pathetic Square” and “Amaretto”. Just recently – on October 27, 2013 – AIRFLIP released their third mini-album “TRACE YOUR OWN TRACK”, which consists of the tracks “Track Five”, “Butter Kids” and “Trace Of Planet”. Back in June 2012, AIRFLIP already published three Live PV’s for their songs “Out Of Dry”, “Dream Boarder” and just recently they added “Mrs.Black Card”, which you can find on their official Youtube channel.
They have many lives scheduled for 2014 and are full of power, willing to go on with full force and overcoming all the past troubles quickly. Let’s see where this punk rock band will go from here – we can surely expect much more great songs from these guys.


The members of AIRFLIP are influenced by Japanese as well as Western pop punk, melodic core, easy core and hard core. On this base, they create their own fast-forward and emotional sound. Satoshi’s clear high-tone voice is highly recognizable, the lyrics are written completely in English and thus easy to understand to international listeners. Surely Satoshi’s short time abroad in Los Angeles influenced AIRFLIP’s sound as well. While the base lines are far more than only supporting the strong guitar riffs of Satoshi and Nagata, the drums are driving every song forward. The sound of AIRFLIP is a nice mix of punk and melodic core and makes you want to go on one of their cool live performances to rock together with the band.


Vo&Gt.Satoshi Gt&Cho.Nagata Ba&Cho.Fujimo Dr.Ritsuya
Gt&Cho.Nagata Ba&Cho.Fujimo


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