UPDATE 2013·10·19

There are some important updates to three of the bands I presented so far. So please make sure to check their profiles again!

First, sad news from CREA: After their live on October 4, 2013, bassist Anna decided to leave the band. CREA are continuing with three members for the time being. Check out CREA‘s profile again, please, because these girls nevertheless know how to rock and go on.

Second, I am terribly sorry that I did not mention this earlier. Because Leyline did not only publish their second PV lately, but they also released their very first mini-album! Stay tuned about this cool punk rock band – I’m sure they already have another ace up their sleeve. Check out Leyline‘s profile again by this opportunity!

Third, Upset Heroes! made a big announcement on their live at NAGO STEP 3D tonight! They signed a contract at STOIC RECORDS, an indies label, which also manages SILHOUETTE FROM THE SKYLIT and ANOTHER STORY FROM THE OTHER SIDE (to be presented later in my corner). Congratulations!! Check out their profile again and listen to “the rock heroes of the future generation” again! You can find Upset Heroes!‘s profile here.

Thank you!

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