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April 2010

The Winking Owl


Guitarist Yoma, who was studying music in the US and achieved a performance at Warped Tour, returned to Japan in April 2010 and started the band. Already in September of the same year, The Winking Owl had their first live at Band Contest “Rockers 2010″, where they made it to the finals. Right after that, the band worked on their very first demo, of which they distributed 1000 CDs for free. Since then vocal Luiza, guitarist Yoma, bassist Ranmalu and drummer Hiroki gained the attention of many listeners, mainly through the net and word-of-mouth advertising.
In December 2011, The Winking Owl released their debut EP “Deep River”, which contains four tracks, through garimpeiro records. Since then they played lives and took part in events frequently, resulting in arranging their first sponsored live “We Owl Rock Along” in February 2012.
In July 2012, The Winking Owl released a split single together with the band SECONDWALL, which is active in Tokyo. Their new song “Precious” was featured on this CD and the two bands held a live for this release in Tokyo, which was sold out. Three months later, Ranmalu, who worked as their support bassist until then, became an official member of The Winking Owl and completed the current line-up.
“Precious” was also chosen to be the song for their first PV, which was published in March 2013.
On September 04, 2013, the band released their first acoustic mini-album “VOYAGE”, for which they held a release celebration live on July 18, 2013, titled “We Owl Rock Along 2013″. A PV for the second song from this album called “The Ocean Floor” was published on Youtube on February 4, 2014.
Let’s see where this band’s “voyage” will go from here!


The sound of The Winking Owl is emotional and rocking at the same time. With Luiza on the microphone, The Winking Owl is one of the very few rock bands with female vocals. Influenced by American emo and post hardcore bands, they added further programming and acoustic elements to the music and thus create their original sound. Luiza’s high voice is clear and distinctive, and together with Yoma’s technical guitar play their sound becomes kind of original. Still they manage to blend in a strong pop sound, which makes their music quite catchy. The lyrics are mainly English and Japanese, well woven together and beautifully vocalized by Luiza, who has not only Japanese but also Romanian roots. All this together makes The Winking Owl a unique band, which play a style that did not exist in Japan until then.
If you like bands such as Paramore, Tonight Alive, Evanescence and In This Moment, you should definitely give The Winking Owl a listen!


Vo.Luiza Gt.Yoma Ba.Ranmalu Dr.Hiroki
Vo.Luiza Gt.Yoma


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