Update 2013·08·31

UPDATE 2013·08·31

This month, I did not present any band, because I was very busy and I also was on summer vacation for two weeks. In the meantime, there were some news about the bands I already presented, so I decided to use August just for updates and come back in September with new awesome indie bands!

First, Leyline finally published their announced new PV. It is the second one and the track they chose (“The Journey”) is a bit slower than the upbeat “Fuck You Day”. Nevertheless, it is a very good song worth listening to and also the PV turned out really cool and funny. Please go have a look, I linked it in Leyline‘s profile!

Second, since Upset heroes! were parts of Summer Sonic 2013, I added a link to a photo album of them on stage. Further, ザ・クレーター (The Crater) were chosen to be on final stage of Red Bull Live on the Road 2013 in November, so congratulations! Please have a look at both profiles again: Simply follow the link to Upset heroes! and ザ・クレーター!

Third, I also updated the profile of rock band KAJI. I recently took a big liking in them and also enjoyed some of their shows on TwitCasting, Ustream and radio. Added some general information and another link to the profile, be sure to check them out! You can find KAJI‘s profile here.

And last but not least, there were a lot of news about NEXTRADE! (of course when I was in my holidays, lol) They are now reborn and working on their next mini-album as well as preparing for new lives. With new bassist Rikiya they want to start over again. Go check NEXTRADE‘s profile again!

Thank you!

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