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Liquidz Edge is a young band which was formed in Tokyo in 2012. Right from the start vocal Eriya, guitarist Sin, guitarist Taka, bassist Akira and drummer Rikiya began to play in the central Tokyo area, constantly gaining new fans and followers in whole Japan.
In January 2013, Liquidz Edge released their first mini-album “Life”, which was co-produced by MICAEL (ex-guitarist of High Speed Boyz). It contains three songs: “Believe”, “17” and “Life”. “Believe” was chosen to be featured on a compilation released from J-rock Records of Spain. One month later, the band also chose this song to be their first PV. The video was directed by Naoko Tajima and co-produced by professional photographer Akira Nanashima.
This summer, Liquidz Edge expanded their live activities outside of Tokyo and begin touring across Japan. Their current goal, besides writing great songs and having fun, is to spread their music and reach more people not only in Japan but in the whole world. For this, they just recently added their first mini-album “Life” to the international iTunes Store. Be sure to get it!


The sound of Liquidz Edge is a mix of rock, electro and catchy melodies. Eriya’s voice is high and clear, supported by either electronic elements like in “17” or pure strong guitars like in “Believe”. Guitarist and leader Taka, who is writing most of the lyrics and music at the same time, is a fan of Luna Sea, which is surely influencing his song writing. Among the band members, many different tastes come together, like Heavy Metal, Rock and Pop. Since all of them are arranging the songs, you can discover many styles in every tune. Vocal Eriya, who lived in Hawaii, is in charge for the English lyrics parts, but the main part is written in Japanese. Liquidz Edge show a nice variety within their songs, which are mostly upbeat and changing fluently from a calm bridge to a fast and bright chorus making you want to dance along. Be sure to give them a listen!


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