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May 2005



ACHOO was founded as an alternative rock band in May 2005 in Tokyo, though their regular activities began in 2009 and they also sometimes state their foundation as “April 2009″. Centered around vocal and guitarist Ryuichi, the other members are vocal and guitarist Anna, bassist Yuuki and drummer Yukari, who joined as last official member in August 2009. So this band has a mixed male and female line-up, which especially stands out because of their twin-vocals of male and female singers.
In April 2010, ACHOO held their first one-man live in Shimokitazawa Daisy Bar, which was sold out with 120 people. This was followed by three consecutive release parties in September, October and November 2010.
After creating their own independence label “me-glide records” in January 2011, ACHOO released their first album “THE AUDIO MOTORS”, which contains 11 songs and is also available on iTunes. Until then, this album was only sold on their lives, marking this release as their nation-wide debut. In August of this very year, the band published their first PV, which is a live PV of their song “Terror Twilight”.
Until now, ACHOO also released two digital singles, named “LADY SUICIDE” (from 2011) and “Down to Your Town” (from 2012), which each contains two songs. You can also buy them via iTunes.
Exactly two years after their first album – on January 16, 2013 – ACHOO released their second full-length album “Cuckoo”, which is also available on iTunes. This release was followed by ACHOO’s first country-wide tour, making them better known in whole Japan. In April 2013, ACHOO published their second PV, this time for their current album’s title track “Cuckoo”. And just recently, the band chose “NEET GIRL” to be the song for their third PV.


The sound of ACHOO is a mix of nostalgic guitar rock tunes and current rock elements. With the husky voice of Ryusuke and the cute voice of Anna, this band knows how to ring a bell within the listener’s heart. With their combination 2:2 men and women they create a powerful groove and know how to rock their audience on live performances. Among ACHOO’s influences, the members name bands like Penpals, Supercar, The Smashing Pumpkins, Pavement and The Rolling Stones, also the 1990s influence their style of music. Besides pure rock songs, ACHOO also produce emotional tunes, catchy pop-like songs and straight guitar sounds, which they manage to combine in only one album. Their catchy guitars and the pop-like mix of male and female vocals are the flagship of this band. Entwining English parts with their Japanese lyrics gives ACHOO an international touch, like this band could have been created in the European 1990s of rock music. Check them out!


Vo&Gt.Ryusuke Vo&Gt.Anna Ba.Yuuki Dr.Yukari
Vo&Gt.坂本龍輔 (Ryusuke)
Vo&Gt.上野杏菜 (Anna)
Ba&Cho.奥田祐樹 (Yuuki)
Dr&Cho.槙原ゆかり (Yukari)


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