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January 2013



In 2011, Leyline was formed in Tokyo by vocal and guitarist Takuya and drummer Landon. One year later, guitarist Yasuhiro joined them. Officially starting their activities in January 2013, the punk rock band immediately produced their first PV “Fuck You Day”, together with support bassist Yusuke (now playing bass in Upset heroes! as “Yusk8″). In March 2013, Yusuke left Leyline and only one month later, new bassist KENZO officially joined the band and completed the current line-up. Since May 2013 the band is vigourously playing around Tokyo and published their second PV, which they recorded for their song “The Journey”. Their first mini-album, titled “First Contact”, was released on September 5, 2013, and contains full six songs. As a release party, Leyline held their first sponsored live in Shibuya Milkyway on the same date.
By the way, Leyline is a really “tall” band! Except vocal Takuya, whos height of 172cm is normal for Japanese guys, the average height of the other members is about 190cm, which is giant for Japanese people. So no chance to overlook them whereever you stumble upon this great band!


Leyline call themselves a “Space Punk Band from Tokyo” and that describes them kinda well. Their music is modern pop punk with clear melodies and all English lyrics. Their sound is strongly influenced by Western pop punk, but though they all like this kind of music they are not limited to this sound, but cover a wide range of musical styles. Especially with Landon, who originally comes from Canada, and their melodies that are independent from Japanese standards, Leyline are able to create their own style and worldview. In fact, if you like Western bands like Blink 182, Angels and Airwaves, Jimmy Eat World, Nada Surf or Simple Plan, you will definitely love Leyline. Their sound is fast forward and still light, with great guitars and distinct bass lines, while Takuya’s high tone voice captures the listener from the first moment. Only thing left to mention: Their PV’s are absolutely funny and cool, reminding me on Blink 182’s random PV’s. Don’t miss them!


Vo&Gt.Takuya Gt.Yasuhiro Dr.Landon


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