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Starting in July 2011, KAJI set a high aim for themselves: They want to become the guiding light of the music scene! That is why they chose the band name “KAJI”, which means “guiding” in Japanese. Currently vocal Kayte, guitarist Shinya, bassist ASH (who joined the band in May 2013 after the departing of former bassist Seiya) and drummer Koji are energetically playing around Sapporo, Hokkaido.
In March 2013, they released their first mini-album “Reflection”, which contains the four songs “Devil Eyes”, “MIND”, “SCARLET MOTEL” and “Reflection”. On December 15, 2013 this was followed by KAJI’s second release: Their first single “MOON” – a digital release – which is also available for overseas fans.
Ever since, KAJI appeared in radio programs, on Youtube and USTREAM with a steadily rising popularity. Also you can see them every now and then during their TwitCasts called KAJI TV, where they play songs live, talk about various topics concerning the band, invite befriended bands and also interact with their fans, who can comment on their streams. Usually those events are on a Wednesday, but guitarist Shinya also appears at the radio station called Piros Radio every Sunday, where he mostly plays cover songs with befriended artists. Besides this, Kayte started his KaraokeCast, where he sings songs live at the karaoke booth. All these events are fun and fans can always comment, so make sure you won’t miss it!
Lately, KAJI are especially busy with many lives and appearances on stage and at radio shows. On February 11, 2014 they played their first big live in Sapporo Penny Lane24, where melodic death metal band GYZE has been guest. Besides, KAJI started working on their very first album (planned for November 2014), most likely to contain their latest songs “Limit”, “Prism”, “glitter” and “TATTOO”. Though they were also shooting their first PV (scheduled for November 2014, too), KAJI suddenly decided to disband on September 27, 2014. The reason given were musical discrepancies. miji-p will keep following the individual members (and their possible future bands) from here on.


The base of KAJI’s sound is pure rock, which the band mixes with various other genres. Besides their rocking songs they also like to play acoustic versions of their songs, such as “Daily” and “MOON”. Kayte‘s high voice is very characteristic. While mingling with their sound it is still shining brightly. Shinya‘s outstanding guitar skills and ASH‘s technically high level on playing bass are supporting the vocals thoughout the whole songs, still making room for skillful guitar riffs and exceptional bass lines. During their solos, both of them can show how they master their instruments. Koji is doing a great job giving the beat, sometimes fast, then again changing to quiet parts of the songs fluently. Though they are a rock band, KAJI master rocking tunes like “Wall Spike” or “Vampire Hunter” (this is only the demo with Hatsune Miku) as well as ballads like “Love is over”. One of KAJI’s songs is called “Limit”, but although they decided to disband, the band has been far from reaching theirs. They did not become the guiding light of the music scene as they wished, but as for me, I still take a shine to these great guys.


Vo.Kayte Gt.Shinya Ba.ASH Dr.Koji


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