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Upset heroes! 2015


Upset heroes! is a very young rock band which suddenly appeared in the indie rock scene of Tokyo. Made up of vocalist H!ko, guitarist ぶっさん (Bussan), bassist yusk8 and drummer and backing vocalist Kengo☆, the band is active since February 2013. They describe themselves as a four men unit playing a new sense of ROCK which probably did not existed until now – and they seem to keep this promise, because they are getting a great deal of attention within the scene. Regardless of their young career, they already published their first PV. Even other bands like Take ambulance call them “the rock heroes of the future generation” – you should definitely not miss them!
By the way, on July 22, 2013 it was announced, that Upset heroes! would play at Summer Sonic 2013 in Tokyo. With having had their very first live only on March 15, 2013, this was a really big chance for them to gain more fans and popularity and I think they used it well. Here are some photos of the show.
On October 19, 2013, the band announced that they signed a contract at STOIC RECORDS. This indie label also manages the bands SILHOUETTE FROM THE SKYLIT and ANOTHER STORY OF THE OTHER SIDE. Congratulations and keep up the good work, Upset Heroes!!


Upset heroes! are creating a fascinating rock sound with their key element being emo while H!ko can also sing in a high pop-like range. With their emotional and entirely Japanese lyrics they directly hit the listener’s heart. From time to time they also mix electro pop sounds into their music, as well as rapped verses. Those who name bands like ONE OK ROCK, UVERworld, ORANGE RANGE and Simple Plan amongst their favourites will love Upset heroes!


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