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ALL OFF see themselves as the new stunning act of the loud rock scene – and that is definitely no overstatement. Formed in 2007 by vocal Matsuura Sohei (so-hey), guitarists Naito Yukio and Hatashima Gaku, bassist Koshimoto Kaneaki and drummer Otsuki Shinichi, they immediately attracted a lot of attention. Right after their formation, without even having written songs, they got the chance to play a regular performance at MTV. In 2008, ALL OFF reached rank 2 in the user voting of amateur artist contest “COUNTDOWN JACK” sponsored by RO69, which enabled them to perform at “COUNTDOWN JAPAN 08/09″. With this opportunity they dragged a lot of attention in the punk and loud rock scene.
In June 2010, ALL OFF released their first mini-album “From Midnight To Sunshine” under the indies label “JACKMAN RECORDS”, managed by RO69. Four months after, they released the single “Giving You Up” at live halls only and also on For the live action of “QP”, a manga by Takahashi Hiroshi, a tribute album was recorded and a song of ALL OFF was chosen for it, too. This album was released on March 21, 2012 and their newly written song “Nothing” immediately became a hot topic.
Their second mini-album “Start Breathing” was released on August 1, 2012. This work consists of seven songs, among them “Nothing” as well as their famous song “Let It Shine”, produced by RIKIJI (from Oblivion Dust / Mega8Ball). On their sold-out tour final of “Start Breathing” on September 9, 2012 more than 200 people gathered at Shibuya Milkyway.
Just recently ALL OFF released their third mini-album “Follow Your Heart”, which will be available via iTunes soon, too. Also they will contribute their song “Little Love” from the aforementioned album to the compilation “EXTREME PRIMER”, being released on June 26, 2013.


The sound of ALL OFF seamlessly blends punk, emo, pop, loud rock and more genres, while their music still consists of a great balance of these very special sounds. Since vocal so-hey grew up in California, ALL OFF’s lyrics are not only written in perfect English but also sung with no accent. Together with their strong and rocking melodies, I guarantee you will be caught by this band from the very first second.


Vo.Matsuura Sohei Gt.Naito Yukio Ba.Koshimoto Kaneaki Dr.Otsuki Shinichi Gt.Hatashima Gaku
Vo.Matsuura Sohei Gt.Naito Yukio Ba.Koshimoto Kaneaki Dr.Otsuki Shinichi Gt.Hatashima Gaku


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