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October 2011



In May 2011, vocal iREN, drummer JIRΘ and NAO – who played guitar back then – were together in the studio for the first time. While the three of them started writing more songs, NAO changed to bass and they kept looking for guitarists until they met USK and TAG. With them joining in October 2011, NEXTRADE was finally formed.
Only a month later NEXTRADE recorded their first demo tape “OVERKILL”, including two songs, which were also published on Youtube. In January 2012, the band published the song “self believer”, which is their most famous song until now. On June 4, 2012, NEXTRADE held their first live in Shibuya aube; on the same day they released their first mini-album “AS SOON AS POSSIBLE”, containing three new songs as well as “self believer”. Until now the band also released a one-coin single named “Diablo”, their first single “my real intention” as well as the song “desire” as special Valentine present. Currently, they are working on their second mini-album. On November 22, 2012, NEXTRADE were able to hold their first one-man live and on April 12, 2013 they took part in the festival NAGO STEP 2013, which was also their first gig outside Tokyo.
Sadly, after their live on May 23, 2013, guitarist TAG left the band. Shortly after, bassist and former band leader NAO decided to leave the band, too. After a short break from lives to rearrange the band, NEXTRADE came back with many announcements on August 16, 2013. Presenting new member Rikiya on bass, announcing a new mini-album in October, publishing new artist pictures and renewing their official website as well as the member blogs, NEXTRADE clearly is back with full force. Their first live as reborn NEXTRADE, which is their second presented live at the same time, will take place on October 25, 2013 and is titled “ALL I GAIN”. Plus, now oversea fans can order their first mini-album and first single via mail order! The new mini-album will be available from October on as well. Don’t miss this opportunity!


NEXTRADE’s sound is a mix of rock and emo, but their songs also contain elements of metal, rapcore, hybrid and pop. Between rock music, guitar and bass solos and straight-forward melodies NEXTRADE also come up with some ballads. iREN’s clear high-tone voice matches with their themes about dreams, future, persevering, never giving up, being ambitious – positive thinking in general. Maybe you will even find an erotic song. Their lyrics are in Japanese as well as English.
NEXTRADE sound similar to bands like abingdon boys school, UVERworld, ONE OK ROCK, SPYAIR and L’Arc~en~Ciel.


Vo.iREN Ba.Rikiya Dr.JIRO
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